Website Hosting

Stay safe while adding lightning speed to your website.

Google ranks fast websites higher, and slow websites lower. While website speed is not the only ranking factor, it’s an easy one to get right.

Of course, it’s not just Google who ranks slow websites poorly. Your website visitors will, too. If you site is slow to load, most people will give up and go away, even before reading a single word. Studies have shown that you have 8 seconds to catch a visitor’s attention, so if your page is still loading, you might as well give up.

How fast is your website? We include a Site Speed Audit in our whole site audit report, so it’s not hard to find out how your site will perform, in speed and plenty of other key areas, too.

Another aspect to good Google ranking is security, and there are 3 aspects to that:

  • Privacy – make sure no eavesdroppers listen in on your visitors, by installing a security certificate (SSL) on your site.
  • Authenticity – make sure nobody sets up a pretend version of your site’s domain – SSL is used for this, too.
  • Integrity – make sure your site is not hacked and the content changed without your permission.

Finding a clean and optimized shared server, or host, is important for having blazing fast clicks, super speedy updates, and the highest security available.

We provide Premium WordPress hosting with automated updates and backups. With SSL included, dedicated speed and resources, our hardware is optimized to serve your website securely to throngs of web visitors at any given moment.


Our servers are dedicated and optimized for WordPress websites. SSL certificates included. Dedicated IP addresses available. Your page load times will be perfect and your digital reputation will soar. And so will ours.


Your site will always have the latest version of each WP plug-in and theme available. Automatic updates are, well, automatic. We ensure any and all update have not had any negative impact your site's functionality.


Weekly backups sent to Amazon S3 with an instant retrieval system if anything ever goes wrong. Enterprise level service at a small business price. We don't skimp on anything and you can believe your data and information is in very good hands.


SSD hardware configured for small businesses. We never accept any adult type or pharmacy sites on our servers. Shared hosting is economical, but can be detrimental to your digital reputation if you are associating with the 'wrong crowd' up there in the cloud.